Presentation@JSBBA West 1st Student Forum

In the JSBBA West 1st Student Forum held on 17th November, 2018, Ms. Ziyan ZOU (M1 student) and Mr. Yoshiki OHGI (B4 student) made oral presentation and poster presentation with flash oral presentation in English, respectively. Ms. Rio HINOKUMA (B4 student) attended the forum too. The forum is well organized by students of Kyushu University and we had good experiences. Thank you very much.

Oral presentation@ISIBio2018 in Indonesia

On 10th October, 2018, in the 5th International Symposium “Innovative Bioproduction Indonesia 2018 (ISIBio 2018)”, we had a chance to present about our research. The topic of the presentation is about development of Halomonas cell factory producing γ-aminobutyric acid from salty waste biomass, which could contribute to establish super-cell-factory using halophilic bacterial strains.

Thank you for your kind attention.

10 October, 2018

Development of Halomonas cell factory producing γ-aminobutyric acid from salty waste biomass

Ziyan ZOU, Junpei OGAWAHideki NAKAYAMA

Graduate School of Fisheries and Environmental Sciences, Nagasaki University, Japan

仲山研究室 第八期生

仲山研究室に新メンバーとして、博士後期課程1回生のミャンマー出身のTHU YA KYI ZINが加わり、学部3回生の佐藤 絵美 (SATO, Emi)、佐藤 莉佳子 (SATO, Rikako)、叶 鑫 (YE, Xin)が仮配属されました。


2018年9月21日(金)〜22日(土)崇城大学池田キャンパス 本館・E号館(〒860-0082 熊本市西区池田4-22-1)にて開催された、2018年度日本農芸化学会西日本支部大会にて以下の研究成果の口頭発表を行いました。


講演番号: A-p4
講演日時: 9 月 22 日 (土)14:03 – 14:19

講演日時: 9 月 22 日 (土)14:46 – 14:59
○仲山英樹1,2, 住田透2, 進祐介1, 浦田和也3, 池上康之3
(1長崎大院・水環, 2長崎大・環, 3佐賀大・海エネ)

Transdisciplinary Summer School on the Environment 2018

Total 14 international students (6 from Thailand, 2 from Sweden, 3 from Taiwan, 3 from USA) were joined the summer program and studied with our students at Faculty of Environmental Science, Nagasaki University, Japan. We had a great time during the program.

See you again!